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Fostering a Collaborative Ecosystem for Visionaries to Reshape the Future of Healthcare

Why IA Pulse?
Dedicated to reinforcing startups that are creating life-affirming disruptions in the healthcare industry.
IA Pulse's Proficient Mentors Guide Startups through the Intricate Health-Tech Innovation Landscape, Nurturing Concepts from Validation to Market Entry, and Equipping Entrepreneurs to Overcome Healthcare Sector Challenges with Accessible and Transformative Solutions. Pulse is not just an accelerator; it's a dynamic ecosystem where technology, innovation, and collaboration Converge. Our vision is to catalyze transformative change by fostering a community of like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to pushing the boundaries of healthcare possibilities. From mentorship and business development to funding, we provide a wide spectrum of resources to nurture and amplify your ideas. However, what truly sets Pulse apart is our expansive network of over 1600 C-suite investors and micro-VCs, strategically aligned to help our portfolio startups thrive. We have strong affiliations with influential players in the healthcare landscape. These collaborations create an environment where knowledge and expertise converge, enabling startups to navigate the complex healthcare terrain with confidence.
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    Core Offerings of IA Pulse
    Our Healthtech Mentors work closely with startups to develop customized strategies that respond to the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. We are committed to supporting startups that are developing technologies to transform the healthcare industry by targeting core-industry pain-points and help them:
    • Navigate intricate and time-intensive regulatory compliance seamlessly, ensuring your organization remains compliant without compromising efficiency
    • Identify potential partners, collaborators, suppliers, or distributors that can contribute to the startup's growth
    • Come up with comprehensive measures to safeguard patient data privacy and security, minimizing costs and potential risks associated with breaches
    • Empower healthcare providers and patients to embrace new technologies with user-centric designs that simplify complexity and mitigate perceived risks
    • Address the unique needs of a fragmented market, offering customized solutions that cater to diverse requirements
    • Strategically manage high levels of risk and uncertainty through targeted planning and risk mitigation strategies
    • Access wide range of cost-effective technology-related services, including cloud computing, software tools, infrastructure, and technical support
    • Become investor-ready by assisting them in preparing pitch decks, financial projections, business plans, and other materials required to attract investors' interest
    • Connect with a network of potential investors, which can include angel investors, venture capital firms, corporate investors, and crowdfunding platforms
    • Enable business development by offering guidance, mentorship, and resources as startups progress and encounter new challenges
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      Success Stories
      Shark Tank India fame & IA's portfolio startup Janitri is an innovative healthcare technology brand that focuses on maternal and infant care. Their mission is to leverage technology and data to address critical challenges faced by women during pregnancy and childbirth, ultimately reducing maternal and infant mortality rates. After winning a deal at Shark tank India, they have secured $1.1 million in pre-Series A led by Angels-backed by India Accelerator.
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      MedPiper's remarkable growth stems from their dedication to excellence, efficiency, and fraud prevention. Their impactful platform has already transformed the insurance industry and anticipates further success and innovation in redefining risk assessment and underwriting. As they move forward, they edge closer to their vision of a fairer insurance system in India, driven by empathy and efficiency. MedPiper isn't merely a business venture; it's a heartfelt endeavor to empower individuals, safeguard families, and offer solace during challenging times. Together, they're scripting a new chapter in insurance, where empathy, innovation, and resilience reign. Notably, their brand has already achieved substantial success, securing $580,000 in sales over the past two quarters.
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      Answer Genomics
      At the forefront of innovation, Answer Genomics harmonizes Human Genomics and Machine Learning to redefine possibilities. As a leader in genomic research, they translate science into tangible achievements, reshaping how we view lifestyle and clinical disorders. A standout achievement is their ML-driven Nutrition planning software, setting new standards with a remarkable tenfold marker enhancement. Recognized in Cods Comad 2022, they've secured two ground breaking patents and introduced a state-of-the-art Corporate Dashboard. A journey marked by the synergy of science and technology, propelling their triumphant narrative forward.
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