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Why IA PowerPlay?
Empowering Gaming Visionaries: Your Launchpad into the World of Esports and Gaming
Welcome to IA PowerPlay, India's pioneering Esports and Gaming Startup Accelerator, where innovation merges seamlessly with opportunity. As a trailblazer in the gaming industry, IA PowerPlay is committed to nurturing the growth of early-stage gaming startups and providing a dynamic platform for investors to fuel the gaming revolution. Cohort Program: Elevating Startups to Greatness: Our immersive 16-week Cohort Program is the heartbeat of IA PowerPlay. Tailored to expedite the growth of budding gaming startups, this accelerator offers a roadmap to success. With strategic partnerships, mentorship from industry titans, investor readiness guidance, seed capital support, and access to cutting-edge resources, we equip startups with the tools to thrive and dominate the gaming landscape. PowerAngel Network: Your Gateway to Gaming Investment: Beyond startups, IA PowerPlay offers the PowerAngel Network – a dynamic community of angel investors and gaming enthusiasts. Backed by India Accelerator, our network empowers investors to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of gaming. Together, we identify and nurture promising startups, amplifying their growth and impact on the gaming ecosystem. IA PowerPlay stands as a testament to the vibrant synergy between startups, investors, and the gaming industry. With our Cohort Program and PowerAngel Network, we're creating an unparalleled gaming ecosystem that drives innovation, fosters collaboration, and propels startups to unprecedented heights of success. Join IA PowerPlay today and be part of a dynamic movement that's transforming the world of Esports and Gaming. Together, we'll reshape the future of play.
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    Core Offerings of IA PowerPlay
    IA PowerPlay's core offerings are built to shape the future of Esports and Gaming, providing startups with a pathway to excellence and investors with an exciting platform for impactful investment. Join us in revolutionizing the gaming industry today! Embark on a transformative 16-week journey with IA PowerPlay's Cohort Program. Designed to accelerate the growth of early-stage gaming startups, our program offers a comprehensive suite of resources and support, including:
    • Strategic Partnerships: Access to a network of industry experts, mentors, and GAN partners to foster collaboration and growth.
    • Tailored Mentorship: Expert guidance to strengthen business plans, refine financial projections, set KPIs, and track growth week by week.
    • Investor Readiness: Fine-tuning of pitch decks and pitch structuring, ensuring startups are prepared to attract investment.
    • Seed Capital Support: Assistance in fundraising from HNIs, VCs, Private Equity players, and IA's iAngel Network.
    • Partnership Exploration: Opportunities for synergies, partnerships, and joint ventures with global and domestic players.
    • Educational Workshops: Weekly workshops hosted by industry experts on various domains of startup success.
    • Workspace: Six months of free co-working space for founders, with subsidized prices for the rest of the team.
    • PowerAngel Network: Igniting Gaming Investment
    • Join the IA PowerPlay PowerAngel Network and become an integral part of the gaming revolution. Backed by India Accelerator, this network offers:
    • Investment Opportunities: Curated deal flow with the chance to invest in 4-5 startups each month.
    • Vibrant Community: Connect and collaborate with renowned investors and industry pioneers.
    • Transparent Updates: Stay informed with quarterly updates, informative calls, and MIS.
    • Networking: Access to exclusive events, investor roadshows, and demo days.
    • Active Mentorship: Play a proactive role in mentoring and guiding startups towards success.
      Success Stories
      DACBY, a promising application or product, has achieved a significant milestone by reaching 100,000 downloads. This achievement is particularly noteworthy due to its remarkable growth rate, which has seen a six-fold increase over the past six months. This exceptional growth can be attributed to the invaluable assistance and support provided by India Accelerator, a renowned startup accelerator program in India. The collaboration with India Accelerator has evidently played a pivotal role in driving DACBY's rapid expansion, enabling it to capture a substantial user base within a short span of time. This accomplishment not only highlights the effectiveness of DACBY's offerings but also underscores the pivotal role that startup accelerators like India Accelerator play in fostering the growth of innovative and promising ventures.
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      High Tournament
      The High Tournament application has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 100,000 downloads, a remarkable feat considering it started from 25,000 downloads. What's even more impressive is the substantial improvement in user engagement, with an astounding 79% increase in average engagement time. Additionally, the daily active users (DAU) metric has seen an extraordinary surge of 150%. This exceptional growth can be attributed to the invaluable support and guidance provided by India Accelerator, a prominent startup accelerator in the country. The collaboration with India Accelerator has evidently played a crucial role in not only expanding High Tournament's user base but also enhancing user engagement metrics significantly. This achievement underscores the pivotal role that startup accelerators like India Accelerator play in propelling the success of innovative applications like High Tournament.
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      Villager Esports
      Villager Esports has achieved remarkable success by amassing a substantial following of 1.5 million across various social media platforms. This achievement is particularly impressive considering its journey from the time of the game's unban. Notably, the organization has successfully organized over 15 tournaments, showcasing its commitment to the esports community. In a significant boost to its growth, Villager Esports joined the India Accelerator cohort, a decision that has yielded substantial results. Within a single quarter after joining the accelerator program, the organization has generated an impressive revenue of over 50 lakhs (50L+). This noteworthy accomplishment highlights the effectiveness of the support and resources provided by India Accelerator in propelling Villager Esports' growth and success in the esports industry.
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